Myths and realities behind security analytics – JAXenter

Security software vendors tend to exaggerate the potential of their tools – to put it mildy. Using real-world attack examples, Niara’s Karthik Krishnan explains why so many enterprise systems are being breached and what cyber security technology is really capable of.

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By Karthik Krishnan. Security analytics is not just about discovering the most insidious threats, but also about using machine learning to assist analysts – whether that be in support of their incident investigations, alert prioritization or compromised user discovery needs.

After Robots Take Our Jobs, What Will We Buy in a Society Without Money? | Big Think

Could we redesign shopping as a system of “catch-and-release,” so that, like sport fishing, it’s the adventure and not the prize that becomes central?

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By Stephen T. Asma. If the wealthy bully on the block takes the footballs and baseballs away from us, we can either cry at his door, or play a different game altogether. 

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Jeffrey Pfeffer: Why the Leadership Industry Has Failed

Corporate training in the U.S. is a $70 billion market, and 35% of that is spent on management and leadership training. Over the last several decades, the industry has produced a recipe for how to be a successful corporate leader: Be trustworthy and authentic, serve others (particularly those who work for and with you), be modest, and exhibit empathetic understanding and emotional intelligence.

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By Eilene Zimmerman. Advice given to leaders is too often based on the ideal world, not reality.

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