Today’s Automation Anxiety Was Alive and Well in 1960

Electronic data processing, or EDP, rose to prominence in 1950s American business as a way to automate simple and regular tasks that involved large amounts of data. It was fast (comparatively), accurate, and transformative. And, like any new technology making its entrance into office life, it was met with profoundly mixed feelings.

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By Gretchen Gavett. What have we learned from Electronic Data Processing (EDP) back in the sixties? 

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Ethereum is winning in both Enterprise & Consumer markets

Redecentralization is as important as the invention of the PC. We will look back on the early years of the Internet as a strange blip that will be called the Commercial Internet or maybe the Centralized Internet. PCs, for all their faults, empowered individuals. In the Commercial Internet, individuals become the product served by giant centralized data centers to advertisers. That is why it is Redecentralization; it is getting us back to the original decentralized design of the Internet and the idea that individuals should own the data and processing power that is so critical to modern life. Like the PC, an operating system is needed. Ethereum is that operating system.

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The reason that it matters that Ethereum can handle enterprise or consumer, Bitcoin or Altcoin, permissioned or permissionless is that platforms win when a lot of developers invest time to learn it. If they see only limited use case, they will be more hesitant. If they are being paid by day by a bank for an enterprise solution while working at night on their consumer DAPP, they will love Ethereum because it can do both.

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Views on IoT in 1979, no. 1 of 3

The Connectivist

Myth 1

Found on our attic, partly eaten away by bookworms (!!?): three drawings called “Computer Myths Explained“, of a series of 8, I bought from Creative Computing in 1979, by the famous Monte Wolverton, see Wikipedia and his website:

This is no.1 : Myth = Home Computer Housekeeper

” Home Computers free you from the household chores by doing home cleaning, change diapers, clean dust, do the dishes, etc. etc. ”

Things in the home will at last start to interconnect in 2016 and will cooperate (with us too, I hope, but it will still take a while to be useful. We need a neutral ‘Inhouse Internet Infrastructure’ first. That means NOT verticaly integrated from suppier/app down to links. That would lock us in and will be obsolete in no time. My guess is that communication infrastructure will be built by using combinations of indoor Wi-Fi and…

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Algorithms of the Mind – Arimo

Much like steam engines, machine learning is a technology intended to solve specific classes of problems. Yet results from the field are indicating intriguing—possibly profound—scientific clues about how our own brains might operate, perceive, and learn. The technology of machine learning is giving us new ways to think about the science of human though…and imagination.

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By Christopher Nguyen. Not computer vision, but computer imagination.

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