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Yesterday the book of Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen was delivered to our door. ” The New Digital Age – Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business ” . I must admit it is great, since it for the first time explains clearly the huge impact mobile & internet communication recently has on society, economics and political powers.

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So it is not on the IT/ Communication/ Media technology that people (should, could) use but on what that use does to individual lives and to groups of people. To observe and report on this has been my hobby too, often to digi-ignorant audiences, in my eyes so uniformed that they may never know what I am talking about. No bother, their children do, and billions of others all over the world.

In the book one very remarkable concept is repeated on many pages: the importance of CONNECTIVITY. I agree, that…

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IBM has a new protocol (and a box) for the internet of things


IBM (s ibm) may be in talks to sell off its server division, but it’s not abandoning hardware just yet. Instead, Big Blue is introducing an appliance for the internet of things, as well as a new use case for an existing protocol optimized for delivering messages between sensors.

IBM considers both efforts part of its Smarter Planet and Mobile First strategies. The box is called the IBM MessageSight, and it combines the ability to process a lot of information in real time — which experts believe the internet of things will need. The logic is that billions of sensors sending trillions of bits will need some type of special equipment to process the incoming information in real-time and send instructions back to a human or a device.

IBM uses the example of the hundreds of sensors in your car recognizing a problem, turning on your check…

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Scientists have discovered an exotic and dynamic form of energy lurking in the thunderclouds above: dark lightning.

Could be great! Free energy.

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Mysterious energy discovered in thunderclouds


American scientists believe invisible ‘dark lightning’ packs a potent punch of radiation. Source: Supplied

CENTRAL Floridians are no strangers to violent thunderstorms, living in the lightning capital of the country.


Scientists at the Florida Institute of Technology on the Space Coast are traveling the world explaining the mysterious bursts of energy in the atmosphere during lightning storms that emit little visible light.

According to scientist Joseph Dwyer and his colleagues, space telescopes – looking for high-energy bursts from solar flares, black holes and exploding stars – detected strange, bright bursts but had no idea where they originated.

The phenomenon occurs high in the atmosphere at nearly the same altitude as commercial airline flights. The radiation dark lightning produces is about 100 times more potent than an X-ray.

“What’s kind of cool is that what we’re talking about sounds…

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Flat is the new up: Why are companies using organizational structures that are thousands of years old?

Good question. Everbody should know by now that the era of military structured organizations has ended.


While most of us focus our attention on the technology and product innovation coming out of Silicon Valley, one of the most significant innovations of our time will come not from digital technology, but from the development of new ways of organizing ourselves to work together.

Despite radical advances in almost every aspect of technology and business over the past century, nearly every company in the Western world, from fledgling startup to global enterprise, still uses an organizational governance structure that was invented in the Industrial Age (and was a vestige of the Military Age before that). That is, a hierarchical, command-and-control structure with human “resources” expected to act as increasingly specialized, efficient cogs in a machine designed to do roughly the same thing over and over again.

A few pioneering companies are starting to experiment with abandoning these rigid old governing structures in favor of more dynamic ones that…

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When Businesses Grow But Leaders Don’t: Become a Conductor

Linked 2 Leadership


Have you ever thought of an organizational leader being a conductor of an orchestra? Or if you prefer, any type of team activity or sport creates the same set of principles. 

The Conductor’s Role and Method

As a small business entrepreneur, you have done most or all of the work yourself in your business. It was small enough that you could walk the hall or breakroom, give quick updates when needed, and then move on to the next task.

Your system of communication was largely one-on-one, and systems aren’t important in this early stage because only a few people are doing the work. Think of this scenario as a small music ensemble—just a few people making beautiful music together. There isn’t even a conductor standing in front the group in the traditional sense, but there may be a lead position playing an instrument (sound familiar?).   

Over time if you’re…

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Dilbert’s “Salary Theorem”

The Connectivist

Dilbert maganagerHat tip to Arjen Lentz ( see: upstarta.com.au ) for digging up this gem:


Dilbert‘s “Salary Theorem” states:

“Scientists and Engineers can never earn as much as administrators and sales people.”

This theorem can now be proved mathematically:


Power = Work / Time and,
Knowledge is Power

Substituting knowledge for power, we obtain:

Knowledge = Work/ Time

If time = money, then:

Knowledge = Work/ Money

Solving this equation for money, we obtain:

Money = Work/ Knowledge

Therefore, as knowledge approaches zero, money approaches infinity, regardless of the amount of work done.

Conclusion: the less you know, the more you make.

(Arjen: I’d like to give credit to the original author of this gem, but so far the origin of this saga remains unknown – if you know, please tell!)


In other words you will not be punished for incompetence, but kicked upstairs with…

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