Leader – Member Exchange (LMX) Theory

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Every leader and follower are unique and work differently in different situations. Leadership is a relationship between leaders and followers, and building this relationship requires an appreciatio…

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Are You On Mission? Have a Leadership Creed

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Duty, honor, country… Those three hallowed words reverently dictate what you ought to be, what you can be, what you will be. They are your rallying poin…

John Lasschuit ®™‘s insight:

When we lead, what is our duty? How do we find honor in the legwork of leadership? What value does it provide to our organizations, families, communities, or the world we all share?

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The Value of Investing in Others

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Paying it forward is becoming a cultural trend for many people. Taking the time to do something nice or helpful for others because we want to speaks volumes to what our true character is.

Not too long ago we posted a video about Paying it Forward Jayden Lamb Style. An incredible story about a young boy who died and the lesson his town learned from his short life.

My Aunt Dollie is one of those rare people who has made “paying it forward” her way of life. She does it so effortlessly because it is who she is.

She was the first of her family to graduate from college and became a kindergarten teacher. She went on to be an elementary school administrator, Head Start Director in California and then an Early Childhood specialist in the California State Department of Education.

Following her passion to be an advocate for…

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Caveat Emptor = Let the Buyer Beware

Sorry Jaap, I don’t agree this time 😉 It will take decades, at least 4 to 5, before anything will change. Look at what’s happening right now: all kinds of gadgets (your smartphone or tablet for instance) are build in such a way that they almost cannot be repaired and have a lifespan of appr 2 years. Prosuming won’t change it: we will print via 3D printers all sort of things we don’t really need, and because it’s such a simple proces, replace them as soon as the bore us. The digitizing of our society will only lead to quantity, not quality. Producers (those who are the first to use new techniques like 3D printing) will produce more of things of which the lifespan will decrease rapid. The throw-away after use society is more close than you can imagine 😉

The Connectivist

That is what the Romans already said and used as basis for judging legal fights over faulty products or services. The Seller can promise you fantastic things, but in the end if you bought the fairytale of the advertisement it is your own choice.

I may be an old man complaining but yes I am really surprised how much rubbish is offered in stores and on TV. Stuff I would not even want to have as a free present. Well sometimes you discover later that ven sturdy stuff has flaws built in that limit the lifetime of some tool. Like for instance a saw on a long stick with a hook at the end. On the photo you can see that the left one is broken off through the hole in it.

Gebroken zaag

Put there to be able to hang the saw on a nail in the wall (I think nobody…

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To Mentor or Not to Mentor, That is the Question

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Albert Einstein once said, “Setting an example is not the main means of influencing another, it is the only means.” If one agrees with Einstein, then there is no question IF mentoring is important, it’s only IF YOU should be a mentor. 

So if you want to be a  mentor, here is how you do it…

What is a Mentor?

The definition of a mentor is “a wise and trusted counselor or teacher.”

The word mentor actually originates as a character in the Greek classic The Odyssey. Mentor was a close companion of the king and was entrusted to keep the king’s son safe until he returned.

Since we now use the name Mentor to describe “a wise and trusted counselor or teacher” you might assume that Mentor did a tremendous job in protecting and guiding the young son.  However, in the classic we find that Mentor’s…

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