Are There Too Many Managers?

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Once upon a time there were only workers and owners, but then the age of the manager dawned. There are five million managers in the UK today, 10 times as many as there were 100 years ago. Why this the obsession with management? 

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Zinvol ontwikkelen: Leiderschap zonder hiërarchie | Zakelijk | Earth Matters

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(Hans van der Veen) Modern leiderschap vereist kwaliteiten als integriteit, betrouwbaarheid en visie, en talenten op het gebied van organiseren, inspireren en motiveren.

John Lasschuit ®™‘s insight:

“In dit handboek leer je op een ontwikkelingsgerichte manier projectmatig werken. Er wordt een methodiek aangereikt, gebaseerd op een inspirerende visie.”

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How great leaders fire up employees and customers

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Author Tim Cork says that telling employees what to think denies them the opportunity to come up with the answers themselves


This is a excerpt from G3: The Gift of You, Leadership, and Netgivingpublished with permission from author Tim Cork, ©2013. He is presently the president of Straight A’s Inc., an international provider of leadership development, coaching and sales training.

“The leader of the past was a person who knew how to tell.

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Leaders: What the Heck is DISC #3 (Blending Styles)

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Will It Blend?

Understanding your own primary personality and behavioral styles is one thing. But being able to understand how they blend within you and how yours blend with others is a whole different ball game.

To understand the basic elements of DISC: Dominance, Influencing, Steadiness, and Compliance, make sure you have a grasp on these two previous posts: What the Heck is DISK? | Understanding Emotions

Understanding people, teams, and how they work together can help with productivity and bottom-line results for organizations.

Will it Blend?

Now that we understand the basic personality styles, it is time to learn how they blend within each and every personality.

Firstly, we must reiterate that every person’s personality has all four of the behavioural elements within it to one degree or another. Each element of the personality will play off another depending on its intensity and the specific situation at…

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