Does anonymity have a place in the sharing economy?

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The Craigslist of 2013 finds itself at the butt of a lot of jokes. The OG peer-to-peer marketplace, however, can be considered the grandfather of nearly all of the P2P services we have today. For nearly every category that Craigslist has, a specialized sharing marketplace has been born.

Though the idea between Craigslist and other sharing marketplaces is similar–find strangers online, buy/trade with them–they couldn’t be more different. Craigslist prides itself on anonymity, going as far as scrambling your email address. You may not know if they’re a man or woman until you finally see them in broad daylight.

But in the new sharing economy that type of anonymity doesn’t have a place. People want to know what type of person they’re inviting into their lives, to sleep in their beds, drive their cars, and even watch their dog while they’re away.

The days of being able to post an ad as succinct as “Dog boarding. Call now” are over. A quick look at the profiles on–a newish, andvery popular dog boarding marketplace–show that the more you share, the more likely you are to land a job dogsitting.

Billed as the “Airbnb for dogs,” Rover–along with competitor–has emerged as a popular alternative to traditional dog kennels in the ever expanding peer-to-peer marketplace. The site is built on the idea of an at-home boarding service. The chosen sitter can either host the dog in their home, or be invited into the dog owner’s house to look after Fido while the owners are away.

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Een eigenwijze, dwarse, innovatieve denker. Een echte Child of the sixties, anti autoritair, liberaal, republikein maar verantwoordelijk. En is ervan overtuigd dat het teruggeven van eigen verantwoordelijkheid aan burgers veel zal verbeteren. Business Innovator. Ambassadeur van 'Use Your Own'. Ruim 30 jaar IT ervaring en nog steeds verbaasd over hoe slecht IT gebruikt wordt. IT zou vanuit de gebruikers moeten komen, niet opgelegd aan gebruikers. Maar niet alleen geïnteresseerd in IT. Ook financieel economisch groot voorstander van andere montaire systemen, niet gebaseerd op geld als handelsmiddel, maar gebaseerd op waarde. Kwaliteit is zijn passie: organisatie die gedreven worden door het leveren van echte kwaliteit van hun producte of diensten, zijn de organisaties die het verschil gaan maken en uiteindelijk overleven. Daarom nu Kwalitist, en een onderneming genaamd 'Kwalitsme': het opnieuw inhoud geven aan kwalititeit.

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