What “Boss-less” Firms Can Teach Us

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A handful of “flat” firms are inspiring industry leaders to rethink the organisational hierarchy. But what’s so special about these firms, and why now?

Today, “hierarchical” and “authoritarian” are terms describing companies no one wants to work for anymore. Look beyond the rhetoric, however, and you’ll find that most firms basically look the same at the structural level, relying primarily on authority hierarchies.

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#Bossless work: not only it’s possible, but it has great advantages!
Phanish Pranam, Professor Strategy and Organisation Design 

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The internet’s biggest companies are breaking themselves into small pieces

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Facebook is falling apart. On purpose. Last year, Facebook tried—and failed—to get Android users to use Facebook as the primary interface for their phones with the Facebook Home app. Now, instead of going big Facebook is thinking small. At the end of January, the company released “Paper,” an app that improves the appearance of your newsfeed. .

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#Disrupt thyself. Leo Mirani (@lmirani) on Quartz explains. 
#Small is beautiful. 

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Talk is Cheap… Change is Hard – Great Leaders Serve

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Our vision calls for change, the journey is about change, people ultimately have to change. Talk is cheap…change is hard.


Leaders are paid to create change. Our vision calls for change, the journey is about change, people ultimately have to change – new priorities require new behaviors, the culture often has to change, the success metrics usually have to change, and the leader always has to change, too. Can you orchestrate changes like these?

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Mark Miller shares his thought about change and #leadership

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The Two Leadership Truths – Human Capital Institute

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It’s easy to get swept up in trying to develop your leadership characteristics as a way to become a stronger leader. There is certainly no shortage of characteristics to choose from in the leadership patchwork. Take a quick look at the leadership books on your nightstand and you’re bound to find scores of characteristics that you’re expected to possess and develop, such as integrity, confidence, courage, imagination,curiosity, persistence, honesty, passion, focus, humility, flexibility, resourcefulness, assertiveness,patience, and smarts.

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Bill Treasurer on the two #leadership truths: #people and #organization.

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How to Tax the “Sharing Economy” | PublicCEO

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By Dan Rothschild. Across the nation, so-called “peer production businesses” have become a common feature of the urban landscape, and cities are scrambling to figure out how to tax and regulate them. From the short-term housing provided through services such as Airbnb and Breather to Lyft and Sidecar’s “ridesharing” services, new companies founded on elegant new business models …

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Interesting question: how to #tax a #shared #economy? Or do they need a redefintion of tax?

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How I’ve Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Data Lake

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I have to admit that I’ve struggled with the term “Data Lake.” I first heard the term used in 2010 in some marketing collateral about Hadoop from Pentaho (“Pentaho, Hadoop, and Data Lakes”) and was confused by the use of the term and the explanations. Maybe I was confused because lots of the earlier discussions were about how Hadoop would obfuscate (a.k.a. render obsolete) the need for an enterprise data warehouse.

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Bill @Schmarzo again with an excellent article describing the need for #DataLakes. #BigData #Analytics

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