Quantum teleportation and space settlements

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Dutch scientists have succeeded in transmitting information through quantum teleportation, and thereby they proved that Einstein was wrong on this issue.


The essence of quantum teleportation is that information is transferred from A to B, withoutpassing through the intermediate space be it through fibers or radio waves. And because the information does not traverse space, it cannot be intercepted, hence quantum teleportation would allow a totally secure connection. The only thing you need to set up a secure channel, is to create a pair of entangled particles.


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Big Data: If and Only If

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There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t read about the CIO of some billion dollar company claiming that Big Data has saved his company untold sums of money.  A one percent efficiency increase identified by Big Data resulted in some few million in savings.  Segmentation of transactional sales mapped to a unified customer database revealed a 10% increase in alternate channel sales of related products.   Well, at least we know they’re not liars; a recent Bain and Companystudy found that adopters of Big Data analytics have gained a significant lead over the rest of the corporate world.  Companies with the most advanced analytics capabilities outperform competitors by wide margins. 

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Jamal Khawaja about investing in #BigData

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Could This 20-Year-Old Kid Make Bitcoin Obsolete?

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Toronto programmer Vitalik Buterin was just 17 when he first became active in the world of Bitcoin. Now, at 20, he’s one of the creators of a new currency called Ethereum, which its founders hope will be the next generation of cryptocurrency.


Just as Bitcoin made it possible to send and receive money outside of the traditional banking system, Ethereum could make it possible to set up binding contracts outside of the legal system. In addition to a virtual currency called Ether, Ethereum includes a full-fledged programming language that makes it possible to encode binding agreements embedded in the same transaction record that tracks the flow of Ether.

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BroadbandBreakfast.com: Is Internet Interconnection the New Network Neutrality? Panel Suggests a New Regulatory Creep

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The Federal Communications Commission is likely to experience increasing pressure to intervene in and resolve disputes involving internet interconnection, experts said on Tuesday at a panel hosted by the Progressive Policy Institute.

Central to the discussion was the question of whether the FCC should go as far as to mandate interconnection, should the agency intervene.

Responses from the panelists were mixed, albeit leaning toward the standpoint that outright mandatory interconnection may be unnecessary, and even counter-productive – although there was dissent from that position.

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Harvard Business Review Summit on Leadership: Mindfulness in the Age of Complexity

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 had a very interesting time yesterday at the Harvard Business Review summit on Leadership in São Paulo. Last year Maria was invited to speak on the theme of transformation and complexity (see Leadership in Transformation in Complex Environments). This year the summit had as it focus mindfulness, with Ellen Langer, Professor of Psychology at Harvard University presenting a keynote on her many years of research in this area. Her talk covered the illusion of control, mindful aging, stress, decision-making, and health.

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Imagination as a Tool for Leadership

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With this knowledge of the power of thought, you can become a better leader and, as well, motivate your employees to become better workers. Imagine successfully navigating through a difficult conversation. Imagine making your employees feel cared for. Imagine implementing positive change. The more you imagine, the more successful you can be when it comes time to act.

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The #Scientific Power of #Thought. Video.
On Why Lead Now 

by Hart Lee on @Kenblanchard

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The Internet of Things’ future role in enterprises

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is an overarching term for a world in which objects, animals and people are connected wirelessly, encompassing machine-to-machine communication and wearables. As it gets closer to becoming a reality, IT admins are wondering: Is it just a fad? What are its business applications? What role should it play in the enterprise?

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Matt Schulz about #IoT and it’s role in the enterprises

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