5 Things All Small Businesses Must Know About Big Data

Confused about Big Data? You’re not the only one. For most small business owners, Big Data is one big mystery. And if you don’t understand Big Data, you probably also have no clue how this type of intelligence gathering works or how to start extracting valuable information from data sources you already have — which means your business is missing out on big opportunities.


To help you make sense of what Big Data is all about and how it can aid you in making better business decisions, here are five of the most baffling things about Big Data demystified.


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SDN and NFV: What Vendors Need to Do | SDNCentral

SDN and NFV vendors need to sharpen their messaging.


At the recent Light Reading Big Telecom Event in Chicago there was a big emphasis on SDN and NFV. As I reviewed the exhibitors’ messaging I had a flash of déjà vu. Flashback to the early 2000’s at the Next Generation Networks Conference. Whether it was a panel on DWDM, IP service switches, next generation optical access et al one thing that stood out was that all the presentations were identical. Different colors and different fonts sure; yet the messages were the same. It seemed that they all got the images and network diagrams from the same sources too. I felt bad, sort of, for the 3rd or 4th presenter on each panel who had to basically give the same presentation as their predecessors.

Source: www.sdncentral.com

Gerg Whelan: #SDN #NFV

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The Skills Leaders Need at Every Level

A few weeks ago, we were asked to analyze a competency model for leadership development that a client had created. Its was based on the idea that at different points in their development, potential leaders need to focus on excelling at different skills. For example, in their model they proposed that a lower level manager should focus on driving for results while top executives should focus on developing a strategic perspective.

Intuitively, this makes sense, based as it is on the assumption that once people develop a skill, they will continue to exercise it. But, interestingly, we don’t apply it in athletics; athletes continue to practice and develop the same skills throughout their careers.  And as we thought about the excellent senior executives we have met, we observed that they are, in fact, all very focused on delivering results, and many of the best lower level managers are absolutely clear about strategy and vision. This got us to wondering: Are some skills less important for leaders at certain levels of the organization? Or is there a set of skills fundamental to every level?

Source: blogs.hbr.org

Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman on @HarvardBizz: skills #leaders need.

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Why the Best Leaders are Servants, Not Kings

Leaders must empower their people, not just command them.


If you set out to climb Mt. Everest, one of the first things you do is hire a Sherpa. Originally an ethnic group in Nepal, today a “Sherpa” is the common term used for the leader of a mountain climbing expedition. In business terms, you are hiring a CEO to help you get to the top.

Thinking of yourself in the role of the Sherpa will help you become a stronger leader. This is especially true today where leaders must empower their people, not just command them. As I reflected on the treacherous and risky conditions endured by climbers, it reminded me of our current business landscape and the need for courageous and thoughtful leadership.


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By josh Linkner: #Leadership

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Your Rights in the Age of Big Data Analytics | SmartData Collective

With Big Data-related excitement on the verge of finally reaching a crescendo, many market analysts are forecasting gargantuan outlays. But, as more organizations begin to explore the potential of Big Data Analytics in greater depth, many practical, moral and legal challenges will further emerge, requiring our attention.

Source: smartdatacollective.com

by Lachlan James

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