Verandering begint met delen: het is gewoon een kwestie van doen

Mooie creaties en dromen waarmaken kan alleen maar door te DOEN – een blog over het ontstaan van het bijzondere boek Het Kantelingsalfabet door Richard van der Lee van Coöperatie InVerbinding en De Alfabetboeken


Kantelingsdenken. Een boek over kantelen. Het "Kantelalfabet". Mooi weergegeven door Richard van der Lee. Veranderen begint met doen en ik doe mee.

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What to know: Getting the right network management tool

The right network management tool can mean the difference between a smoothly humming network and disaster.


In this two-part How to Buy series on what to look for when you’re buying network management tools, part one addresses the features and capabilities of today’s management platforms. Part two looks at the questions IT managers need to ask as they assess their current and future network requirements.


By Amy Larsen DeCarlo. Network Management Tools

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What you need to know about big data

Big data is moving on. We’re moving past the stage where it’s something only trailblazers and early adopters are on board with, towards a time when if you aren’t analyzing data to help you make better business decisions, you’re in danger of being left behind.

A survey this year found that 73% of businesses questioned either already had data analytics strategies in place, or are planning to implement them in the next two years. It is becoming apparent that just about any organization of any shape or size can find a data strategy to suit them. So here are 6 key facts about the big data economy you can’t afford not to know


By Bernard Marr. #BigData explained.

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Networking technologies emerging in the enterprise

The networking world has always had a tendency to get carried away with new trends and technologies.

Many of these technologies are simply re-inventions with new names, which forget to focus on the basics of efficiently running a corporate network.

Whether that network now resides in the physical corporate offices, some other datacentre or public/private cloud is largely irrelevant.

What is important is to see the take-up of new, relevant technologies that improve networking beyond where it is today.

Here, we look at a few examples of these technologies.

We also look at what some of the more established suppliers are doing to re-invent their offerings.


By Steve Broadhead. #SDN being one of them.

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5 Practices of Values-Based Leaders

Are your personal values personal? They shouldn’t be if you want to make a difference.

Something personal is not often discussed. It’s rarely discussed, and held close to the chest. Your values need to be unleashed, visible in your actions, apparent in your words. Your team members need to experience your personal values in your interactions. Personal values need to be known and shown. Personal values are extended gracefully.

For values to have meaning and impact, they need to shape your beliefs and behaviors. They are your origins. Whether at home or at work, your personal values don’t change. They are woven into your being. They shape how you make sense of the world. But be mindful of biases that trick you to believe and act in ways that lead you astray from what you stand for.

So, it’s with an eye on the aspirational nature of values and on the deception we are prone to fall for, after all, we are human and flawed, that habits of values-based leaders become crucial. The habits of values-based leaders sharpen the clarity of personal values and uphold our courage to follow them.


Valuebased #leadership

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