Are Sharing-Economy Workers Contractors or Employees?

Companies in the booming sharing economy depend on contractors who may legally qualify as full time employees. The distinction is crucial for both workers and their employers.

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By Tx Zhuo. What’s the difference between a contractor and an employee? 

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A new study finds a key component of effective leadership is surprisingly simple

Research suggests that extroversion is generally a strong predictor of successful leadership.

Yet a new analysis of 25 studies, led by Dana Joseph, Ph.D., at the University of Central Florida, complicates the idea that simply being outgoing is enough to make you an outstanding leader. Now, researchers say that positivity is key: Generally happy people make better leaders than Debbie Downers.

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By Shana Lebowitz. The analysis found that positive affect accounted for over 20% of the variance in transformational leadership.

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Open Data for Business Tool: learning from initial pilots

Citizens in Nigeria participate in a readiness assessment exercise to identify high-priority datasets Around the world, governments, entrepreneurs and established businesses are seeing the economic growth potential of using Open Data – data from government and other sources that can be downloaded, used and reused without charge.   As a public resource, Open Data can help launch new private-sector ventures and help existing businesses create new products and services and optimize their operations

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By Laura Manley. Trends, Interest and Challenges of Open Data.

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Gadget : 78% of companies running Open Source

A recent survey has shown that the use of open source software in business IT environments has increased to 78%, almost double what it was five years ago.

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“The open source approach today is as much about providing true business solutions as it is about the platform on which a company works. Change needs to be embraced as the business possibilities that open source offer are just too good to ignore,” concludes Matthew Lee.

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IoT’s about us: Emerging forms of innovation in the Internet of Things

The observation that the Internet of Things encompasses people holds a number of transformative business and societal implications. This form of IoT innovation can be aggregated and analyzed to create fundamentally new types of products and services.

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By James Guszcza. 

“When you think about the Internet of Things, you should be thinking about the complex system of interaction between humans and things, and asking yourself how sensors, cloud intelligence, and actuators make it possible to do things differently.”

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