“The future of work is freelance” and 10 other lessons from #TFOW2015

Find out what key industry figures think about our changing world of work and arm yourself with the knowledge to get on in our future workforce.

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It is.

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Why the world’s top computing experts are worrying about your data

World experts in computer science and mathematics spent an afternoon at the Heidelberg Laureate Forum in Germany Tuesday trying to figure out how the widespread collection of data about consumers can be prevented from causing harm.

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By Katherine Noyes. We’re living in a black box society.

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10 jobs that don’t yet exist, but will! – Fast Business

With technology moving so quickly, the modern business landscape is set to change dramatically in the next few decades. According to top-rated futurist speaker Thomas Frey, by 2030 a predicted 2 billion jobs will disappear, but plenty of new ones will replace them. There’s work, Jim, but not as we know it…

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By Kerrie Brooks. 10 possible future jobs. 

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Gevangen in je tijdgeest (12) – Marteling in het ‘vrije’ westen

Zo herkenbaar

Dossier XXI

Voordat ik begin met mijn blog, wijs ik erop dat de ‘marteling‘  waarover ik schrijf in deze bijdrage niet in verhouding staat met de vele martelingen elders in de wereld. Onthoofdingen door IS, waterboarding op Guantanamo Bay, gruweldaden door Afrikaanse dictators, het egocentrische China: wij Nederlanders mogen blij zijn dat we nog in betrekkelijke vrijheid leven in ons kleine landje. Ik schrijf nadrukkelijk nog, omdat we na decennia van vrijheid een kentering zien in het denken over de ander.

Over de medemens.

Europa heeft moeite om haar medemenselijkheid te tonen jegens de vele vluchtelingen die haar continent binnen willen komen, omdat hun land vanwege oorlog, armoede en klimaatverandering niet leefbaar meer is. In de Verenigde Staten blijkt racisme weer gruwelijke vormen aan te nemen. In Duitsland pissen neo-nazi’s over migranten (letterlijk), in Griekenland is men de wanhoop nabij vanwege een gebrek aan financiële middelen, de financiële sector…

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NSA worried that quantum computing will foil the cryptography protecting all data to date

NSA warning US firms and agencies to start preparing for quantum computing-resistant cryptography

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Public key encryption decrypted in just a few seconds. With quantum computing. Unless of course the keys used are also generated with quantum computing, in Mbit size.

By Mary-Ann Russon.

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What it Takes to Become a Socially Intelligent Leader

Socially intelligent leaders have the ability to respond deftly in these types of situations. When colleagues express frustration, a socially intelligent leader—like this head of HR—knows how to listen carefully, empathize, and take measures to help improve conditions.

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By Daniel Goleman. How do I become a social intelligent leader?

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Why Data Virtualization Is the Future | 33rd Square

The best virtualization software out there can transform relational data into non-relational data without a problem. Virtualization transforms your mainframe into an actual virtualization platform. This is an unbelievably cost-competitive way for getting to the information you need whenever you need it.

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By Mike Miranda.  Why the Current Way You’re Handling Data Is on the Way Out

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‘Rise of the Robots’ and the threat of a jobless future


e prospect of machines stealing our jobs has perturbed and enraged humans for at least 200 years. The Luddites hit the alarm bell, and not without reason: The automation of weaving and spinning technology displaced an entire class of skilled artisans. But ever since, economists and historians have dismissed the Luddites as jokes, because the forces of industrialization they decried ended up making the world a far richer and more comfortable place. Technological progress has created far more jobs than it has destroyed.

So far.

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This time, writes Martin Ford in “Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future,” the robots are coming for (almost) all the jobs. They’re getting too smart, too flexible and too convenient. And that’s a problem, because if robots take all the jobs, our long march of progress may well go into reverse.

By Andrew Leonard.

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Next-Gen Cybersecurity Is All About Behavior Recognition

In the wake of devastating personal information leaks, like Target’s back in 2014 affecting more than 70 million customers and the more recentAshley Madison data breach, concerns over cybersecurity are at an all-time high.

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By Larry Alton.  There are a few ways to approach this problem, but the one on everyone’s mind is the most straightforward; we need to protect companies’ records from ever being breached in the first place.

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