The Internet of Things drives new opportunities for the automotive industry | The Big Data Hub

The Internet of Things (IoT) and the connected car are altering the landscape of the auto industry. Automotive engineering, manufacturing and customers are all changing rapidly. Not only are cars being transformed; the entire driving experience will undergo a dramatic shift, where next-generation automobiles will help improve our lives. Real-time analytics is being integrated with information across the enterprise to find new opportunities for competitive advantage. Solutions must effectively employ analytics to help enterprises design the right products faster, build and distribute them cost-effectively, and offer a superior driving experience to digitally empowered consumers. There are five distinct areas within the automotive industry that are facing the challenge of redefining business to keep up with the demands of an increasingly connected world.

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By Chris O’Conner.Like many industries, the IoT is changing how the auto industry operates. These changes bring multiple challenges, but even more opportunities. Businesses will have to rethink the way they manufacture, sell and manage vehicles and customer relationships to outpace the competition. The good news: if you figure out how to turn these challenges into competitive advantages, you will lead the way. 

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