Health Benefits of Bee Pollen

This is why we must stop immediately with the use of #Bayer, #BASF pesticides and #Monsanto GMO products. We need the bees. As Einstein once said “If there aren’t any bees, there wouldn’t have been people”.

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Datei:Bee-pollen-macro - Virginia - ForestWander.jpgBee pollen is an incredibly healthy food substance. It is one of the most nutrient dense things one could consume. I would class it as a super food.

Not only is it nutrient dense, it contains nutrients and constituents that you do not commonly get.

Pollen is the seed of the flower of a plant, it is all of the energy put into a potential next generation. Bees collect this and combine it with honey which is incredibly rich in enzymes. This changes the structure of the pollen and takes it from a healthy food to a super food.

After reading health benefits below you can see why bee pollen is an extremely effective alternative to synthetic vitamin supplements!

Health Benefits of Bee Pollen include:

  • By weight more protein than meat and eggs.
  • Some bee pollen contains b12, the amount depends on a variety of factors including processing…

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