The Permaculture Design Process – An Example


Some weeks ago Dan finished helping run a permaculture design course he has been developing for the PRI Kotare Village, NZ (Koanga Institute) at Kotare Ecovillage near Wairoa, New Zealand (read more about these projects here and here respectively). We had 24 participants and a key part of the course, just like in ourVEG PDCs in Melbourne, is working in small groups through every step of the permaculture design process to complete a design for an area of the eco-village. Each time Dan returns he sees previous course designs being implemented on the ground, and it gives the design projects a very practical, real feeling to know that if they fit the bill they are most likely to jump off the paper and onto the ground! In this case there were six design projects to chose from, ranging from a 100 square metre greenhouse to a 50 hectare hill farm block.

The Permaculture Design Process – An Example.