Double tap on Z Gen

It sounds as an threat 🙂


generation Z Hey guys, I’m sorry to disturb you from your 1.0 routine work.
It’s me again.
With great or bad news, it depends on you 😉

I already shared a lot about the fact we have to change the way we are organising our companies if we want to attract the upcoming generation. I already wrote a lot about the fact we should apply to HR the marketing recipes. Because we, HR & leaders, are managing people. Marketing core business is to help companies to better manage people’needs to improve business performance. So is HR core business. Then… what works for marketing should work for HR, shouldn’t it.

Ok. Let’s go straight-to-the-point. The following video is explaining us what the Z generation is waiting from Marketing.

And yep, Good/Bad news (make your mind) : Gen Z will expect the same from HR. And from any leadership position. Are you ready for…

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