The More You Know, the More Likely You Are to Be Hired

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Leading and Reading

The best consultants — and the ones who draw the most business — are conversationalists.

We all know people like this: They have the uncanny ability to discuss any topic.

Bringing New Insights

They always bring some new insight to the conversation and offer the potential to turn a client’s business on its head. Not only do they have exceptional knowledge in a specific field, but they are also savvy business people.

Unsurprisingly, the smartest consultants are also well-read.

They know what’s current and how it will affect their clients’ businesses. They have read the latest books and studies, and they know how to apply the knowledge that they have gained. So if your intention is to become one of the best consultants in your field, you need to become the most knowledgeable and well-read consultant.

The Need for Consultants to Know Business

A consultant’s currency is knowledge, and in…

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Why HR Sucks and How to Fix It

We need a new term: it’s not Human Resource Management, it’s Human Talent Coacing. Humans are no resources, and shouldn’t be managed as such. They are unique living beïngs with unique talents. And it should be the task of every leader to get the talents out, to develop them. Coach them.