Double tap on Z Gen

It sounds as an threat 🙂


generation Z Hey guys, I’m sorry to disturb you from your 1.0 routine work.
It’s me again.
With great or bad news, it depends on you 😉

I already shared a lot about the fact we have to change the way we are organising our companies if we want to attract the upcoming generation. I already wrote a lot about the fact we should apply to HR the marketing recipes. Because we, HR & leaders, are managing people. Marketing core business is to help companies to better manage people’needs to improve business performance. So is HR core business. Then… what works for marketing should work for HR, shouldn’t it.

Ok. Let’s go straight-to-the-point. The following video is explaining us what the Z generation is waiting from Marketing.

And yep, Good/Bad news (make your mind) : Gen Z will expect the same from HR. And from any leadership position. Are you ready for…

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Why HR Sucks and How to Fix It

We need a new term: it’s not Human Resource Management, it’s Human Talent Coacing. Humans are no resources, and shouldn’t be managed as such. They are unique living beïngs with unique talents. And it should be the task of every leader to get the talents out, to develop them. Coach them.

Geweldige bedrijven

Voorbij uitblinken in middelmatigheid

“In geweldige bedrijven werken mensen die gewoon gemiddeld goed zijn.
Het verschil is: de mensen werken er met ziel en zaligheid.
Ze nemen eigenaarschap voor hun werk.”

 Dit is een uitspraak van Niels Willems. En ik kan het niet meer met hem eens zijn.

In veel organisaties is er sprake van goedgeorganiseerde middelmatigheid. De doorbraak van goed naar geweldig wordt vaak gezocht in talentmanagement en High Potential programma’s. Daar ligt de oplossing niet. Het is de context die de organisatie gemiddeld maakt.

Het verschilt zit in of mensen eigenaarschap nemen voor hun werk. Dan werken ze met ziel en zaligheid. Onze ervaring is: de eenvoudigste manier om ervoor te zorgen dat mensen eigenaarschap nemen, is als ze het eigendom hebben. Stel je voor dat werknemers het bedrijf overnemen. Dat de organisatiestructuur zo wordt aangepast dat mensen echt afrekenbare verantwoordelijkheid gaan dragen. Dan ontstaan er geweldige bedrijven die nog jaren…

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More Companies Are Outsourcing Their Human-Resources Work

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It used to be that H.R. was a single, physical place that workers could visit — to pick up a form, ask a question, seek advice, lodge a complaint. Now if a company still has a stand-alone H.R. office, it’s probably much smaller than it used to be. If workers need help, they may have to call an “800” number, consult a Web portal or use a software program.


The outsourcing of H.R. has accelerated over the last decade and will continue to do so, said Lisa Rowan, a research vice president at IDC, the market research firm. While some companies may entrust their H.R. needs to a single outside firm, it’s more common to parcel out functions to a range of outside providers, she said.


Outsourcing allows companies to offload work that isn’t part of their core business. It also saves money. But some H.R. experts are concerned that the trend has gone too far, to the point that employees are suffering in areas like training and career development, and that employers are losing crucial business opportunities.

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