Internet and the Libraries: Both are here to stay!

I think it’s true: books and libraries will remain.

Blandin on Broadband

libraryWhile I was doing training in Windom last week, one of the students asked if I thought there was a role for libraries as we know them in the future – after all won’t everything be going online. So it was fun later in the week to run into the recent survey from Pew Internet & American Life that demonstrates that libraries are still vital…

Fully 91% of Americans ages 16 and older say public libraries are important to their communities; and 76% say libraries are important to them and their families. And libraries are touchpoints in their communities for the vast majority of Americans: 84% of Americans ages 16 and older have been to a library or bookmobile at some point in their lives and 77% say they remember someone else in their family using public libraries as they were growing up.

Here are the top activities people say they…

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